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  1. g the truthfulness of a sentence Apples, she'll be - It'll be alright Banana bender - someone from Queensland Dog's.
  2. 125 Australian Slang Words & Phrases A Cold One - Beer Accadacca - How Aussies refer to Australian band ACDC Ankle Biter - Child Arvo - Afternoon ( S'Arvo - this afternoon!) Aussie Salute - Wave to scare the flies Avo - Avocado Bail - To cancel plans. 'Bruce bailed' = Bruce isn't going to turn up..
  3. It is not the first Australian slang word or saying to make it to the wider English vocabulary. Aussies are known for their unique creativity when it comes to tweaking and rejuvenating our language. They wear sunnies with their cozzies, while cooking a barbie in the arvo
  4. Aussie slang words for food. Avo - avocado. BLT - bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. Bubbles - sparkling wine. Chewie - chewing gum. Choccy biccy - chocolate biscuit. Chook - chicken. Cuppa - cup of tea. Dog's eye - meat pie

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  1. Dogs Breakfast - a mess (you know, when the dog looks into his bowl in the morning) Busier than a one toothed man in a corn on the cob eating contest - extremely busy. Mad Rooter - someone who loves sex. Shocker - someone who's having a bad day. Skippy - an Australian
  2. Aerial pingpong : Australian Rules football Amber fluid : beer Ambo : ambulance, ambulance driver Ankle biter : small child Apples, she'll be : It'll be all right Arvo : afternoon Aussie (pron. Ozzie) : Australian Aussie salute : brushing away flies with the hand Avos : avocados
  3. Aussie : Australian: Beaut, beauty : great, fantastic: Big Mobs : loads, a lot of: Bloody : very: Bloody oath! : that's certainly true: Blue : argument/mistake: Bodgy : poor quality: Bonzer : great, ripper: Bottler : something excellent: Bottling : his blood's worth: he's an excellent, helpful bloke: Buckley's chance : (you've got) no chance: Bull dust : rubbish: Cactus : dead, broke
  4. or. Girl 1: Yeah got into a bit of a bingle on the way here, me commodore is all dinged up. Girl 2: Probably for the best though mate. That car was sh*t house


(Noun/verb/adjective) A mild profanity that's also one of the most versatile words in Australian English. Exclamation; Bugger! I dropped some more avo on myself. A term of sympathy; Look at that poor bugger with avo all over his bathers. Tired, broken or ruined; These bathers are buggered now Matt's Top Ten Favourite Aussie Slang words/expressions. G'day mate — Hello friend! No worries, mate! — Not a problem, friend! The Bottle-o — Shop that sells beer and wine. Snags on the barbie — Cook sausages on a BBQ. Maccas — McDonalds. Arvo — Afternoon Australian slang is full of hilarious expressions that we should all use. Here are some of the funniest Aussie expressions around. Australian English is more than just an accent, it's full of hilarious Australian slang that induce hilarious mental images. Aussie's are down-to-earth people and our colourful expressions reflect our personalities. Even though Australian English has its roots. 100 Australian sayings and slang words everyone should know Arvo. Meaning: Afternoon. Bloody ripper . Meaning: Really awesome. Blind. Meaning:Highly intoxicated. Blowing the froth off a few. Slang is Australia's own vernacular expression and lingo such as word diction, idioms and a glossary of everyday vocalization unique to the sunburnt country known as the land down under. Articulation and pronunciation of this language and Australian slang vocabulary as well as Aussie phraseology and gibberish has made this brogue and fun speech sole vernacular to Australia

But before you move to your new home in Australia, you need to be able to cope with the Aussie terms or local lingo (language). You have heard right that Straya's spoken language is so exciting. Whether or not that is the case, it is up to you when you live out there. Still, one thing is for sure: You will pick up Australian slang sooner than you thought, mainly because we are now sharing a. Australian slang is becoming so popular, that it has started to pique the interest of social scientists and psychologists. Dr. Nenagh Kemp, a psychologist from the University of Tasmania, is studying the slang and why Australians feel the need to shorten so many of their words. On that he has said

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  1. How to speak Australian : Abbreviate Everything. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out
  2. The vocabulary of Australia is drawn from many sources, including various dialects of British English as well as Gaelic languages, some Indigenous Australian languages, and Polynesian languages. One of the first dictionaries of Australian slang was Karl Lentzner 's Dictionary of the Slang-English of Australia and of Some Mixed Languages in 1892
  3. d. This is mostly down to fact that American TV shows and movies often use it to signify that someone is Australian. Mate is used to describe someone as being a close or good friend. It is most commonly used by people who've known one another for several years. If you hang around the pubs in Australia.
  4. utes reading time. 25 Mar 2015 . Kaoko Miyazaki Australia. Know your Aussie slangs! If you're thinking about co
  5. d there are also regional and demographic language differences within Australia and the context and tone used when expressing a word, can change it's meaning. Australians are fond of laughing ourselves; whether a term is.
  6. Aussie English is here to give you more advanced English resources themed around all things Australia! Whether it's our wildlife and tourist attractions, our slang and expressions, or even our.

Australian Slang Words Students Must Know 1. Aussie = Australian. It simply means Australian, someone from Australia. So when Australian people refer to... 2. Arvo = Afternoon. Saying arvo instead of the afternoon is one of the most popular diminutives in Aussie slang words. 3. Sickie = Sick Day.. Now we've masters Aussie slang words, let's take a look at the best Aussie slang phrases and sayings. 25 Aussie Slang Phrases & Sayings (Give Em A Burl!) A Few Kangaroos Loose In The Top Paddock = A Strange Perso A slang word for toilet or loo. Most Australians use the word 'toilet'. Durry. A cigarette. Ear-basher. Someone that talks and talks and talks and never shuts up. Esky. A rectangle shaped insulated box that gets filled with ice to keep beer and soft drinks cold. Exxy. See 'Dear' Garbo. Slang for a garbage collector. G-Bange And then there are the -ers words such as preggers, chockers (chock-full) and Maccas (short for McDonalds and spelled like it's pronounced). It is with home-grown slang that Australia has really excelled, says Dr. James Lambert, who has studied Australian slang for the past 25 years and edited multiple dictionaries on the subject Whatever you talk about, don't act the wowser as everyone tends to be given a fair go, fair dinkum, mate. And don't go acting the yobbo either. Also, it doesn't hurt to say ta or thanks for anything done for you; you'll hear a lot of ta ing around, thanks is so much a part of the Aussie language

Australian slang, the use of certain words, nicknames, and phrases has become an iconic part of Australian culture. Slang is an integral part of Australian life and everyday culture. Australians, at times, tend to babble and have their unique way of pronouncing words. They take pride in their way of speaking and use their slangs quite often while conversing with one another. Here is a list of. This isn't surprising, as Australians use slang - in particular, 'diminutives' (shortened words) - more than any other English-speakers. In fact, there are more than 4300 shortened words recorded in Australia's lexicon

Australian Slang: 25 Essential Words and Phrases. November 5, 2008 leadingo. I previously wrote about the unique pronunciation of Australians. Today I'm going to take a look at words or phrases that will confuse the hell out of you. 1. fairdinkum Variations of said tradies have their own nicknames, such as brickie (bricklayer), truckie (truckdriver), sparky (electrician), garbo (garbage collector) and chippie (carpenter). 26. Bum bag: Fanny pack. And most Aussies will laugh in your face when you say fanny pack because fanny means vagina to us. 27 Modern trends are to chop the ends off words (uni for university) and affix an 's' to the first syllable (think awks for awkward). Nenagh is taking these studies a step further by asking people to create Australian-sounding slang from made-up words such as chent and commarine Here are 71 more useful Australian slang words and phrases; Ankle biter: small child Aussie: Australian Bastard: an unpleasant person; affectionate appellation, e.g. what you been doing, you old bastard? Battler: a hard worker only just making a living Beaut / beauty: great, fantastic Bloke: man,. When an Aussie is knackered, you might think it is a disease or they have been hurt in an accident, but that is indeed the slang word for very tired. 9. Crikey. Another word that is also completely surprising and impossible to explain is the slang, crikey. This uniquely Aussie word means an explanation of surprise. If someone is surprised at something, they will call out the word, crikey

Aussie Slang für alle im Australisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch. Viel Spaß mit den beliebtesten & lustigsten Redewendungen & Wörtern PICCANINNY--A baby, or very young Australian aboriginal. PICK UP, TO--To join anyone. PIG'S EAR--Beer. PIKE--Australian name for species of salt-water fish. PIKER--A thief. PILE IT ON--To exaggerate. PILOT--A clergyman. PINCH--To thieve. PINS--Legs. PIP, GOT THE--To be despondent. PITCH A TALE--Tell an untruth. PLAIN TURKEY--(See WILD TURKEY). PLANT--To hide Australian slang is almost a language of its own. Aussies (as they're also called) have a tendency to shorten most word terms to explain things. Whether you are dreaming of visiting Sydney, have just arrived or are planning to study English in this beautiful and huge island, there are a few Australian slang words that you should know Now a lot of slang words in Australia follow a really similar pattern. You take the original word and you shorten it and then you add either EEE, AHH or OH at the end. Now this is really, really common. These words are really commonly used all the way across Australia, across all levels of society. You'll hear the Prime Minister using these words along with a truck driver that's driving across. A Guide to Australian Slang. The funny thing about Australia is that our slang isn't just used by bogans - it's part of the lexicon of all Australians, no matter what their class or level of education.. So, here's a rundown of the most popular Aussie slang words and phrases

15 Australian Slang Words to Help You Speak Like a Local G'day (guh-day) / Hello. The words 'good' and 'day' jammed together to form Australia' s most common greeting. Often... Fair dinkum (fair dink-um) / Genuine. An article of unknown origin, although 'dinkum' is thought to derive from a phrase.... Australian Slang: Terms You Should Know! by . neenarachelle. Australia is a wild and warm country which every traveler should explore at least once. When imagining going there you're probably picturing some bush lands and some grilling. And if you get the chance to have a chill evening barbecue, I totally recommend it. Now if you should find yourself hanging with some of the locals while you. Aussie slang for a person from Queensland: 'Banana-bender'

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Australian slang is almost a language of its own. Aussies (as they're also called) love to play with words, and to use shortened terms to explain things. Though some of them have roots in British English, Australian English has grown and changed into its own interesting type of language Australian slang dictionary. Aussie slang phrases, aussie words, Australian English dictionary - defined and rated by users 11 Delightful 19th-Century Australian Slang Terms. BY Erin McCarthy. January 13, 2014. Thinkstock. In 1892, German linguist Karl Lentzner published Dictionary of the Slang-English of Australia and.

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Mates, Aussie slang is defined by its 'strine' pronunciation and the shortening of words; legend has it that this peculiarity of Australian language was born because of speaking with the mouth half-closed, to prevent insects from entering the mouth! It's not the first time an Aussie slang word has made its way into the wider English lexicon. Far from it - Australian slang has influenced the English language around the world, just as.

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Common Australian Slang Words Australian English contains variably included similarities to both British as well as American English; Australian slang has many more similarities to the former than the latter. The popular forms of slang words and phrases in Australia are words ending with '-o' or '-ie' Appendix:Australian English terms for body parts. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. arse - as elsewhere in English, slang for buttocks (sometimes also the anus). American English spelling of ass is also in use. bot - either the buttocks (an abbreviation of bottom), or to ask for an object (without any obligation to return), as in can I bot. Diminutive forms of words are commonly used in everyday Australian English.While many dialects of English make use of diminutives and hypocorisms, Australian English uses them more extensively than any other. [citation needed] Diminutives may be seen as slang, but many forms are used widely across the whole of society.Some forms have also spread outside Australia to other English speaking.

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  1. However, Australian English has different pronunciation, vocabulary, spelling and even grammar. A lot of Australian words are derived from the many Aboriginal languages. Other words are simply abbreviations of common English words. Words from Aboriginal Languages. Australian Slang Plain English Example; go bung: die/fail: My phone's gone bung! yabber: talk: Stop yabbering on, will ya? yakka.
  2. g slang
  3. Soldier's slang glossary. A list of slang terms used in Bert's letter to help you understand what he means. Abdul : name for a Turkish soldier: Anzac soup : shell-hole polluted by a corpse: auntie : a Turkish broomstick bomb: Aussy: Australia; an Australian soldier; a wound bad enough to get a soldier back to Australia: axle grease: butter: babbling brook: an army cook: base wallah: someone.
  4. The Aussie slang terms that baffle foreigners Source:istock It's not until you converse with someone from another country that you begin to appreciate just how zany the Australian vernacular is
  5. Adam's Ale - Let us begin with water, the most essential liquid for life. Our body is made up of 75% of water. So this Adam's Ale is nothing but the water which is referred to in Australian slang. Amber Fluid - The orangish liquid is popularly referred for beer

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AE 269 - 30 Aussie Slang Words Ending With 'O' Welcome to this episode of Aussie English guys. Today I want to go through 30 or so different words in Australian slang, Australian English, that end with an 'O'. Let's go. Aggro. Aggressive. He's a bit of an agro guy. That guy's a bit aggressive. He's pretty aggro. Aggro. Alco. Having grown up in Australia, I sometimes take our weird and wonderful lingo for granted. Sure, every culture develops its own unique slang; I thought I had learned Spanish until I turned up in Spain to discover that people have a 'language within a language,' countless funny and often rude idioms and phrases that they just don't teach you at school 10 Slang Words And Phrases You'll Need To Know In Australia. Knowing Australian slang words and phrases will be handy when you travel to Australia for the first time. This guide will help you out. By Vanessa Elle Published Jul 19, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. English is the official language of Australia, but when you travel Down Under for the first time, you might have a hard time. Australian slang is informal language used in Australia. This guide should be viewed as an informal and fun introduction to some Australian idiosyncrasies, rather than a guide on how to communicate. Increasing globalisation and a move away from rural living has seen Australian English adopt a lot of American terms while at the same time romanticising words commonly associated with the bush.

English teacher reveals the VERY different slang words used in Britain, America and Australia - including 'doona' for duvet and 'bottle-o' for off-licenc Rhyming slang is so commonly associated with London's East End that it is usually referred to as Cockney rhyming slang. However it's almost as prevalent in some circles of Australian society, and Australian English has many words deriving from rhyming slang In the case of Australian slang, words are clipped, and then a diminutive suffix is added to the clipped word. In this case, bikkie (the colloquial Australian word for a cookie), is clipped slang for biscuit (the British English word for a type of cookie), and it uses the -ie diminutive suffix. Australian English is full of words based on this formula. Barbie, of the now-infamous throw. Australian slang dictionary specifically about people for the novice and expert alike

Australians speak fast, 'chew' words and skip pronunciation of letters - combine this with their penchant for slang and abbreviations, and you have a language that's quite difficult to comprehend! To solve this problem, we've created a guide to help you understand some of the most used slang words and abbreviations in Australia. Next. Australian slang words - a definitive guide to Aussie slang. in Blog, Made the move, Top Tips. Australian slang words - a definitive guide to Aussie slang. October 18, 2007, 4:22 am updated March 28, 2019, 7:57 pm 12 Comments. So you've decided to move to Australia. The sun shines, the sky is blue and Aussies speak a Language that we can all understand! Ok, the first two points in that. LET THE WORD AUSTRALIAN DIGNIFY THE LOWLIST MAN - by poet Arthur Balydon LID - a hat LIE DOWN - to retract a previous confession or statement in court (criminal slang 1950) LIFE. BE IN IT - Australian Government slogan LIFE WASN'T MEANT TO BE EASY - Prime Officiated Malcolm Fraser quoting George Bernard Shaw LIGHT HORSE - Australian cavalry LIGHT ON THE HILL - Australian labour party catch. Australian slang is informal language used in Australia. Understand . This guide should be viewed as an informal and fun introduction to some Australian idiosyncrasies, rather than a guide on how to communicate. Increasing globalisation and a move away from rural living has seen Australian English adopt a lot of American terms while at the same time romanticising words commonly associated with.

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This is to alert Americans to innocent words from their dialect that Australasians (Australians and New Zealanders) may find offensive or confusing. For a list of words Americans may find offensive, see my American-Australian Slang Dictionary. You are, however, less likely to offend or confuse Australasians than you might think. Australians in particular are pretty hard to offend even at the. By the late 1700s, it had become slang for clothes, and many travelling to Australia on the First Fleet, which brought the first white settlers to Australia in 1788, would have used the word this. Aussie Slang Words For Women: Sheila; Chick; Woman; Lady; Bird; Broad; Girl; These are the kinds of words you are likely to hear in every day conversation with native English speakers from Australia. She's an awesome chick! He's a great bloke! Get more out of every episode! Join the Premium Podcast. Here's what you get when you sign up! Read while you listen using the Premium Podcast. Australian Slang!!! Fun Aussie Urban Slangs Words and Phrases Spoken in Australia! Great Funny FREE App Trivia Game Language Translator Dictionary!: Amazon.de: Apps für Androi Heaps And 9 Other Australian Slang Words You Should Know Cya this arvo. See you this afternoon. Cya this arvo in class! Daks. I got some new daks yesterday at the shop. Dunnie. D'ya know where the dunnie is, mate? Earbashing. Her earbashing while I tried to study was driving me crazy! Fair.

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Slang is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very infomal language mostly in speaking rather that writing. Australian slang is almost a language of its own. Aussies (as they're also called) have a tendency to shorten most word terms to explain things Here are a few examples I often hear (for example from my Australian wife): Sometimes the term Bruce, which refers to an Australian man, is also used. There is often the running gag that all Australian men are called Bruce. The British comedy group Monty Python has taken this to the extreme in one of their sketches

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Are you afraid of travelling in Australian because you just have a basic knowledge of English.. You shouldn't but it is not always easy to understand the Australians. They just love to use their slang words. Here is a list with the most common Australian slang words you should know. Arvo:afternoon Barbie:barbeque Bogan:redneck, an unculture AE 738: 20 Dirty Australian Slang Words & Phrases. Peter Smissen September 14, 2020. 0 Comments. Learn Australian English in this episode where I react to a video by Tristan Kunh '20 Dirtiest Australian Slang Terms' and teach you how to use them. ***WARNING*** ADULT CONTENT. Get more out of every episode! Join the Premium Podcast. Here's what you get when you sign up! Read while you listen. AUSTRALIAN SLANG A. ABC - Australian Born Chinese. A bit more choke and you would have started - Said if someone farts loudly. B. Baccy - Tobacco. Old expression now and rarely used. B.S. - Short for 'bullshit'. Also Bull dust. C. Cabbage patcher - Someone from the state of Victoria.. 'Galah' is often used as a reproach by avuncular male soap-opera characters to demonstrate their superior old-timey Aussieness. Expressions such as 'flamin galah' and 'stone the crows' constitute the language of a post-sex life 13 Australian food slang words you need to know: Snags (sausages) - Chuck some extra snags on the barbie!. Not to be confused with swags (outdoor camping equipment). Tim Tams (Aussies favorite biscuit) - We love them too!. Sausage Sizzle (a BBQ serving sausages on a slice of white bread) - You.

Favorite Australian Slang: Drinking Terms. This post is part of a series on my favorite Australian slang. Be sure to check back for more, or subscribe to my RSS feed to receive updates in your reader automatically. You can't come to Australia and not partake in a drink or two. Scratch that: you can, but what's the fun in that? Since drinking is so popular in the Aussie culture (as it is in. Posted on 17 May 2012 by Daniel Lynch Dame Edna pictured with Australian singer Barry Crocker, after whom the expression 'a Barry Crocker' rhyming slang for 'a shocker' (a bad or disappointing person or thing) is named. Rhyming slang is so commonly associated with London's East End that it is usually referred to as Cockney rhyming slang

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Fair dinkum: this is a very Australian way to say that something is true or genuine. Footy: short for football. It can mean Australian Rules football or rugby, depending on where you are in Australia. G'day: a slang term for the greeting good day, which means hello. Good on you: if someone says 'good on you', they're telling you well done Because Australia was colonized by the British, the way we speak has evolved from Old English (the English people spoke around 200 years ago), to current Aussie English. Aussie English (Ausssie = Australian) has changed a lot since then. We use a lot of slang terms, our accent is totally different, we generally speak quite fast and we use a lot. Our guide to Aussie slang. The first thing to understand about Aussie slang is that shortening words is a national past-time. It's like a linguistic Murphy's Law: what can be shortened, will be shortened. Even words with two syllables will be shortened to one. Most tend to be the first syllable with an o on the end, there's a few with a y on the end, then there are others you don't. A collection of Australian slang words and phrases. Some are in current widespread use, whilst others are not; some may be derived or taken from overseas slang, but most are unique to Australia. The expression of words in an Australian accent is known as Strine (which is how many Aussies say the word Australian) Bathers - Bathers, also known as 'swimsuit', is one of the most popular Aussie slang words for Australians. Arvo - Arvo is short for 'Afternoon'. Similar Aussie slang words are avo (avocado), servo (service station), devo (devastated) and defo (definitely). Bottle-O - This means a store that sells alcohol in Australia

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Mar 2, 2019 - Slang words of Australians :) . See more ideas about aussie, slang words, australian slang 19 Australian Slang Terms to Know. There are plenty of terms that you'll need to know if you want to sound like a real Aussie (Australian). Let's take a look at 20 great Australian slang terms that you can hear The Land Down Under! 1. Bogan. Depending on the context, Bogan can be a harsh insult or a compliment. In essence, bogan. 50+ Australian Slang Words You Need To Learn Credit: Aussie English. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Sign Up. 50+ Australian Slang Words. Funny Roos Comedy. March 17 · 50+ Australian Slang Words You Need To Learn Credit: Aussie English. Related Videos. Australian Strine consists of words and phrases which we have made up ourselves or have borrowed from Aborigine words or from slang used by early settlers. Australian Strine, is uniquely Australian and these words contribute a rich vocabulary of new words to the Australian language

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Look up Aussie slang phrases and words you'll only hear in Australia. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Australia Day in New South Wales. Open Menu. Show Search. Search site for: Close search. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Subscribe to our newsletter! Subscribe to our newsletter! Subscribe to our newsletter! Subscribe. By clicking 'Subscribe' you agree to our privacy and legal. (American slang) Buttocks. Fanny is an extremely offensive Australasian slang term for the female genitalia, so announcing to an Australasian that you ``patted your friend on the fanny'' can can.. Most Australians, I mean Aussies, are inclined to shorten words from the English vocabulary. This has resulted in a wide-ranging, endless collective library of Aussie slang terminology. O's and Ee's - The Suffixes of Slang. In general, Australian slang can be divided into two popular suffixes: Ee's and O's. By adding an 'o' onto. Khazi — British slang for the toilet. Don't forget your bog roll. Kip — A short power nap, the English word for a snooze. Knees up — A proper British party, full of warm beer and loud music

It is common for Australian's to pronounce the -er at the end of a word as -a. For example, you may have heard Australians pronounce the word dinner as dinna. Keep this in mind when listening to Australians, especially the locals that have strong accents. A List of Australian Slang for Food and Eatin GLOSSARY OF SURFING TERMS AND SURF SLANG. After all, you don't want to be going to a surf camp and not understand some essential terms your instructor is using. Right bro? 360 - a surf move consisting of turning the surfboard at a 360-degree angle while on the face of a wave. A-frame - a wave-shaped like a peak that breaks both left and right, equally. Aggro - aggressive surfing/surfer. Some slang may be regional and vary from state to state, while some are universally understood by all Australians. Slang comes up every single day in Australia, from social to even some professional settings. After all, Australians are pretty casual people, and some office banter is definitely common! This means you've gotta get a solid grasp on Australian slang to make friends, crack jokes. The word Admiral may be traced from the Arabic word 'Amir-al-bahr', meaning 'Commander of the seas'. Romans used the term 'Sarraccenorum Admiral' inserting the letter 'd' that we know today. Naval slang has been used since the formation of the RAN, much of it taken from the Royal Navy. The following is a brief collection of. Learn how to say cigarette in Australian slang with this Howcast video. Transcript. How to say Cigarette in Australian. Dart. Cigarette. Dart. Cigarette. Now you try. You might also say, Durry. Cigarette. Durry. Cigarette. Now you try. For example, you might say, I'm just going outside to smoke a dart, then I'm off down the pub. or Excuse me, can I bum a durry? This means, Do you have.

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Aussie Slang | A Beginners Guide to The Australian Language100 Australian sayings and slang words everyone shouldHow to Swear | Australian Slang - YouTubeAustralia Downunder Dictionary | Australia Tours - 2020/21

word or phrase [optional part] part of speech. (Origin, both etymological and geographical; frequency of use) 1. First meaning {Australian slang synonym(s)} (Synonyms:. Antonyms:.). Information about usage, including (e.g., ``Examples'') (s.a. related words) and derived words or phrases. (Initials of usage panel member, if it was not possible. It's the good words of the world, short and sweet, like code words Australians are turning to slang terms to describe life during coronavirus lockdowns as a way to lighten the situation and feel connected, experts say.. One of the unique points of our national.

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